Scarf Shoes was founded by two friends, Luciana Leoni and Roberta Lopes. Roberta has been an entrepreneur in the shoe business for over 20 years.  Luciana has a degree in Marketing and was the one who put bougth together with the idea of an innovative sandal!


It all started in 2017 on a trip to Italy with a sandal made by them, and that attracted the attention of many Italian women in the streets. After the huge success, mainly due to the super Brazilian colors and prints, Scarf Shoes established itself as a designer of shoes, putting their shoes to run the world. Thus, Scarf Shoes was officially founded as a company.


Scarf Shoes is famous for its traditionally Brazilian handkerchiefs that follow fashion trends, focusing on details of luxury that combine colors, textures and materials. Each shoe has handkerchiefs sewn by hand and finished with original pendants. These exclusive finishes are applied by hand in Brazil. Everything is done in the countryside of Brazil, famous for being one of the most important areas in the manufacture of shoes worldwide.